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Extravagance or modesty, people in deeper India enjoy all flavours of life. In fact, they crave more from life than their humble existence allows them to. They overcome everyday challenges by looking ahead, to move on and create new experiences.
People gift emotions, not things. Riya fragrances are experienced with these special emotions as people feel gratified when they are socially appreciated for the Riya perfume they wear, which not only starts a happy relationship among people but also with Riya Perfume.
At the heart of this happy affinity with Riya lies a powerful reason which is the competitive advantage of an irresistible perfume value, realized over the past twenty years.
Fragrances that are not elitist at a modest value are preferred to create new experiences, every day.


Riya Perfumes

The choice of the fragrance of an individual is unique and personal. We, at Purpos Planet, value this uniqueness and offer ‘something for everyone.’ Over a period of two decades, our consumers have carefully silently built the most-cherished loved perfume brand relationships in deeper India.



Deodorants, sometimes known as "Deo" are fragrant body sprays that are used to cover up body odor. While the majority of people use deodorant to reduce underarm odor, some may view it as a sign of appropriate grooming. As a result, there are certain excellent deodorants for men and women that differ in how they smell, with perfumes geared toward women being "louder" than those for males. Proper manners include having a pleasant scent. A high-quality perfume spray has various benefits in addition to leaving your skin with a distinctive aroma. Additionally, it shields you from unpleasant body odor and boosts your mood all day. Dermatologists and psychologists suggest utilizing these scents for a variety of reasons, including improving hygiene and maintaining confidence. While Riya's perfumes are for clothing, their deodorant body spray is for applying directly to the skin to mask body odor and make it more pleasant. Whether it is Woody, Sport, Nero, Blanche, or the extensions of perfumes, Indians love Riya deodorants.

Perfumes and deodorants are essential toiletries for both men and women and rank high on their lists of daily essentials. On the one hand, these scents help to keep you cool and fresh throughout. However, the hot summers in India keep you sweating until you're completely drenched. Due to their dual actions, Riya deodorants are the most popular fragrance delivery systems, but these antiperspirants have great varieties as well. Fragrance allows you to leave a lasting mark on people and is a natural extension of your personality. Most of the time, people don't recall the electronic devices you own, but they do remember your scent. According to certain scientific research, your smell has a much stronger influence on how people perceive you than your appearance.

Another reason to try Riya deodorants is as follows:

A scent that is distinct and lasts for up to 8 hours. It is toxin-free, inspired by nature, and Made Safe certified. Additionally, it doesn't include parabens, phthalates, or phosphates and is hypoallergenic. It smells velvety, rich, and tangy. Its genderless nature makes it a suitable item to share with both men and women.

Air Fresheners

In India, the demand for personal and household hygiene products and services is rapidly growing, as a consequence of the pandemic-led frenzy of surface and air sanitizing needs. For both the atmosphere in your home and business, room fresheners are a must. Nobody likes being around smelly odours, whether at home or at work. This is made easier because odour problems can be quickly fixed using air fresheners and mists. But finding the most suitable room freshener for your needs may be difficult considering the enormous variety of products on the market. Our ozone-friendly Riya Air Freshener contains no CFC. By putting a variety of goods on one platform, they streamline your purchasing process. Our vast product line is complimented with in-depth product pages that provide enough details on the descriptions, features, and applications of each product. We highlight some of the most popular air fresheners. Whatever fragrance you like best, it can be found on our network. The six long-lasting, natural fragrances of this product sanitize the air and infuse it with aromatics, providing protection against germs and eliminating odours for a fresh and clean feeling.


Advantages of Using Room Fresheners

An air freshener can be used for many different things. They can be utilised to freshen up a complete house or cabin, as well as the bathroom, bedroom, closet, and living room. Since they are available in a variety of forms, including sprays, blocks, air wicks, incense sticks, and even plug-in sockets, room fresheners are more useful. There are many advantages to using room fresheners. Natural odours: Room fresheners come in a variety of scents to freshen your space and connect you to nature. There are numerous scents available, including Elegant Rose, Serene Sandal, Luminous Lavender, Radiant Bouquet, Pearl Jasmine, & Auspicious Rajani. Availability in a variety of forms: Products available include solid air fresheners, bathroom fragrances, candles, aerosols, incense sticks, diffusers, and plug-ins. Elimination of airborne pathogens: Airborne germs can thrive in your home and place of employment and cause a wide range of illnesses. Air fresheners made from natural ingredients and essential oils are effective at getting rid of these dangerous microbes.

Room Fresheners

Skincare Soaps

Riya Skincare Soaps, aimed at the consumers in deeper India, joined the soap brand leaders to promote regular usage of personal hygiene products with fragrant experiences. All five soaps, collectively believed in properties, have achieved acceptance and growth.

Incense Sticks (agarbati)

In India, incense sticks, also known as agarbatti, are an essential part of everyday rituals, religious offerings, and pujas. Currently, India is the world's leading manufacturer of incense sticks and a significant exporter of incense sticks to other Asian countries. There is a long history of devotion and spirituality in India, a mystical nation of many cultures, tongues, and customs. Incense sticks, also known as Agarbatti, have long been praised for their aromatic qualities. The use of incense sticks in religious and cultural rites has a rich and illustrious history. It is burned before prayers in India as part of a daily puja practice to purify the air and create a holy atmosphere. Our agarbatties have developed into a symbol that is well-recognized around the world, and we are currently the most popular and leading agarbatti brand in India. Check out the store's wide selection of incense sticks.

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